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I require a deposit of half down in the amount of $750.00.
I take cash or money orders or you can pay me with a credit card through paypal by clicking on the paypal link

All Cadillac Northstar Head gaskets, 1993 thru 2004 repaired, with warranty for $1500.00 this includes all parts and labor

We at Davis Auto repair, all we do is work on and repair the wonderful Cadillac Northstar engines as well as the northstar engines in the Oldsmobile Aurora. We have several years experience with these engines. We have repaired the head gasket on over 200 of these engines to date.

Why bring your cars to us? We will take very good care of your car while we have it. We offer a full one year and unlimited mileage warranty on all head gasket repairs. We will keep you informed and if you like, we will email you pictures of the tear down as well as the rebuild. When you receive your repaired Cadillac, you can be rest assured that it was done correctly the first time. No shortcuts and no excuses.

We will return your car to you in better than GM specs. Most people notice a increase in horse power and torque. You will receive many many worry free miles from you newly repaired Cadillac.

Our process of repair is very through, when we receive your car, we do a compression check on each cylinder. We then do a pressure test in your cooling system. we then do a chemical test in your cooling system to check for gasses in the system. We then remove your engine from your car, we disasemle the engine, removing the Intake, all accessories, alternator, power steering, air conditioning etc... We then remove all 3 of the timing chains as well as the hydraulic timing chain tensioners. We carefully inspect these for wear. We then remove your exhaust manifolds. We then remove your heads. We take the heads to our local machine shop and have them checked for any cracks and to make sure they are flat and true. We have the valves and valve seats checked. We then tape up all the piston cylinders and the complete decks on both sides so no aluminum shavings fall into the engine in the repair process. We then install a special jig that is designed just for your engine to aid us in the repair process, this jig assures that everything is kept perfectly strait during the repair procedure. We then drill out every head bolt hole, on both banks, both sides, not just the side that is bad as a few other repair shops do. We then tap each hole using precision taps, not just your local auto parts store taps. After we tap each hole and it has been thoroughly cleaned with a cleaning agent, we then insert a bore scope and look at each of the threads to insure they are threaded correctly. After this is done, we remove the tape and clean all the carbon and varnish out of your piston cylinders. We then install new dowel pins and install new felpro head gaskets, then the heads along with new felpro head bolts. We torque them to spec using a special torque angle meter, after they are torque to spec, we then recheck them with a torque wrench. we then install the intake gasket with new gaskets, we then install all the timing chains, as well as the front timing chain cover and then the crankshaft pulley followed by your accessories, alternator, power steering pump, a/c compressor etc... We then double check the timing chains and before we install the valve covers we turn the engine over several times and recheck the compression on each cylinder. After we are satisfied with everything, we then install your valve covers with new felpro Gaskets. We then install a new set of spark plugs. We also drain the oil, flush the engine and install 7.5 quarts of Pennzoil motor oil. We then re-install your engine into the car, make all the necessary adjustments and they we use a machine that pulls all the air out of your cooling system, when there is no more air in the cooling system, we use the machine to fill the system with new coolant. We then pressure check the system for any leaks and the we start your engine. We hook a computer to the car and monitor every system as it is coming up to operating temperature. We assure that your cooling fans are coming on and going off as they should. After a couple hours of this we then if possible road test your car for about 50 miles or so, so when you receive your car, your can feel comfortable that it has been repaired right, the first time.

I realize that for the most of you, are probably hundreds of miles from us. We have had cars brought to us on trailers, tow dollies as well as shipped to us by car transport, we have had cars delivered to us from all over the United States, fl, Ga, SC, Nc. Va, Pa, Ny, Conn, Mass, Del, Ill, Ind, Mich, Tenn., Ok, Alabama, etc... To date. I think the furthest one was from Dallas Texas. Yes, there maybe some one closer that could of fixed their car, but after checking around you will find that here at Davis Auto Repair, we are one of the most trusted names in the Cadillac Northstar engine repairs. Plus we are usually only a fraction of what others are charging to repair the head gaskets.

I do have references if needed. I would never just give anyone the info on any of my customers, and i will not ask you if i can use you as a reference. I have had a lot of customers that were so pleased with us offer to allow us to us them as a reference.

As far as getting the car to me, if you do not want to or are unable to bring your car to me, There are lots of shipping companies out there that are very reasonable. I would also suggest that you list your car on and allow shipping companies bid on bringing your car to me.

Once we receive your car, it usually takes two to five days to complete the repair, while the car is with us, you can be rest assured that the car will be safe. Our shop is located in a warehouse, we do not have a frontal shop like you see everywhere. We have no signs outside our shop to let people know we are there. We do not do repairs for the public as other shops do, we only work of Cadillac's and that is all. And all of our customers find us on the internet, we do not advertise locally at all. We are located in a industrial part of town so your car will be safe with us. In our shop we have a modern alarm system with 5 sirens and in the event of a break-in that has never happened, the human ear cannot with stand the decibels that these sirens put off. Also, we have 24 hour monitoring that in the event of a break in the police is called as well as myself. We also have several cameras through out our shop that record 24 hours a day to a dvr system and can be viewed remotely from my home. Out shop doors are made out of steel with no windows in our shop. So, again, your car will be 100% safe with us.

After we finish the repair, we will give you a call. If you need some time before you can pick up your car, no problem. We have 5000 sq feet so we can store your car safely with out a problem.

We also sell and install new rebuilt engines for Cadillacs that are better than factory. The price is $3500.00 installed. With a one year warranty, unlimited mileage.

Cadillac Deville ElDorado
Northstar Engine 4.1L 4.6L

This engine is a Premium rebuilt engine with zero miles. All tolerances and specifications have been brought to those recommended by Cadillac.

List of Vehicles & Years applicable:

  • 1996-2003 Cadillac Deville
  • 1996-2003 Cadillac ElDorado, Seville,DTS, SLS etc...

List of machining processes performed:

  • Engine and heads cleaned
  • Surfaces renewed by milling
  • Blocks bored and honed
  • Blocks Resurfaced/decked
  • Connecting Rods reconditioned
  • New pin bushings installed
  • Crank shaft ground and polished
  • Cylinder heads pressure tested
  • Heads checked for thickness
  • Heads rebuilt with three angle valve grind

List of new master rebuild kit parts

  • New pistons
  • New piston rings
  • New rod bearings
  • New main bearings
  • New wrist pin bushings
  • New thrust bearings
  • New rear main seal
  • New frost plugs
  • New Oil pump

We do keep your old engine for a core or we will have to charge $500.00 for a core charge.

This engine comes with a full one year unlimited mileage warranty. That is correct... drive as far as you can within one year and you are covered.

If you are experiencing over heating problems or you suspect that it maybe a blown head gasket, and you have any questions, please feel free to call me up to 10pm at night. I will be glad to answer any of your questions.